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Maison Couturier – Central American VintageMaison  

Maison Couturier is an estate built by French immigrants in tropical Mexico in the 1800s. The old farmhouse has been renovated into a boutique hotel where you will find your own private terrace and some delightful antique furnishings. Surrounded by tropical fruit trees, whirring crickets, and lush scents.

The white linen sheets you wake up on are pulled back to reveal wooden shutters and such a world outside. The French community has lived in this area for nearly 200 years and practices the Gallic arts of gastronomy with wine and cheese produced locally to complement your haute cuisine. The estate still has a working lime orchard and is an example of how tourism, nature, and agriculture can exist in harmony. There is a natural pond to bathe in and drooping hammocks to laze in. And at the end of the day, there is a refined bar to have a nightcap in.

Maison Couturier gate
Maison Couturier tractor
Maison Couturier
Maison Couturier dining
Maison Couturier cook in the kitchen
Maison Couturier living room with fireplace
Maison Couturier
Maison Couturier outside bar
Maison Couturier terrace
Maison Couturier swimming pool
Maison Couturier hotel pool
Apartado Postal 110, 93620, San Rafael, Veracruz, México., 93620 San Rafael
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