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Majahuitas Resort - Famously No Frills Eco-ResortMajahuitas  

Set in the sleepy town of Chacala (which means “where the shrimp are” in the native tongue), this resort is located in a secret cove only accessible by boat. There is no wifi or television, and the little electricity needed is produced from solar panels.

There are several private houses to choose from, each with unique features. Some have a thatched roof, some are open-air, and all have hammocks for private lounging.

The food is five stars, and the chef decides the menu on the day according to the season and the catch. It is a menu in line with the hotel’s eco-philosophy.

Indeed, the water is recycled, food composted, and the local community is employed in the building and running of the resort.

With the burdens of modern life lifted, there is time to take long walks on the beach, view the intricate sea life with a snorkel, and go sea-kayaking.

The area is home to over 300 species of birds that provide the soundtrack to your stay in this singular paradise.

Majahuitas Resort beach view
Majahuitas Resort lobby
Majahuitas Resort ping pong game
Majahuitas Resort bar
Majahuitas Resort dinner table
Bougan villa house
Bougain villa interior
Beach house
Jungle house
Jungle house interior
Sunset house
Chula Vista
Creek Side spa
Hammock on the beach
Beach umbrellas
Landing at the beach with kayaks
Sea kayaking
Romantic moonlight fire
Playa Majahuitas S/N, 48400 Puerto Vallarta, JAL, Mexico
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