Manakau PurePod - Middle Of Nowhere Glass Pod In New Zealand’s Kaikōura Mountain RangeManakau  

Do you hate people? Fair enough. People are loud and annoying. In fact, people are the opposite of what you need on your holiday. That’s basically the premise of Manakau PurePod.

The PurePod is located in the Seaward Kaikōura Mountain Range, about 2.5 hours north of Christchurch, New Zealand. To say it’s in the middle of nothing is an understatement. Climb the tallest hill in the area, and you still won’t see a building within your sight. And that means no people, no noise, no traffic, and no nuisance. Plus no phone signal, so you can finally have that Instagram detox you’ve been talking about for months.

What you can find in the area is beautiful, lush nature. Green hills stretch out in all directions, followed by the impressive Kaikōura Mountain Range with snow-capped peaks. There are plenty of marked trails for you to explore, and… that’s pretty much it. Other than that, there’s not much else to do at PurePod. So embrace the laziness and read a book on the deck or play board games with your travel companions.

Despite the off-the-grid concept, PurePod is actually very comfortable. You’ll find that the glass pod is furnished in style and features everything you need: a modern bathroom, crisp linen, and cooking appliances. In addition, you can bring your own food supplies or have the pod fully stocked with pre-made meals before your arrival. Either way, factor in for extra snacks – they will be handy for trekking.

Type: Nature   Remote
Manakau PurePod - Mid Summers Day

Manakau PurePod During a Cloudy Day

Manakau PurePod - Sunrise on a Winters Morning

Manakau PurePod at Night

Manakau PurePod Close-Up

Manakau PurePod Interior

Manakau PurePod View from the Bed

Manakau PurePod Shower

Manakau PurePod Surroundings

Manakau PurePod Nature Around

Manakau PurePod Starry Night

Blunts Road, 7373 Kaikoura, New Zealand