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Manon Les Suites – Bohemian Utopia In CopenhagenManon  
Les Suites

How do you stand out in such a cool city as Copenhagen? Well, Manon Les Suites by Guldsmeden Hotels has a few tricks up its sleeve. It's situated in the hot spot of all the buzz that the Danish capital has to offer. But what's hidden inside the unassuming walls of this 5-star hotel is nothing short of amazing. The so-called Junglefish Pool is in the centerpiece of Manon Les Suites. It's like the utopistic bohemian life coming alive that you've been dreaming about. A vertical explosion of greenery surrounds the blue-tiled pool. You can order a cocktail or your favorite smoothie here and pretend that you are in Bali.

The next unexpectedly cool feature is the hotel's gym, which showcases Danish creativity. It looks like it came straight out of a blockbuster movie where superheroes work out in their secret bunkers. You can try to flip a bulky tractor's tire or just pose with it for a photo. The gym has a boxing ring too, and upon request, you can have a personal trainer giving you lessons.

If you book one of the 87 suites, you'll also get access to the rooftop terrace, where you'll find a sauna, a steam bath, and a cold-water bucket bath. The rooftop area is also fitted with one of the coolest sun decks you have ever seen, and of course, a trendy bar with food & drinks.

Manon Les Suites Hotel Reception

Classic Suite

Manon Les Suites Classic Suite

De Luxe Suite

Manon Les Suites De Luxe Suite

Two-Bedroom Suite

Manon Les Suites Two-Bedroom Suite
Manon Les Suites Two-Bedroom Suite Bedroom
Manon Les Suites Two-Bedroom Suite Bathroom

Petit Suite's balcony

Manon Les Suites Petit Suite's Balcony
Manon Les Suites Petit Pool Suite
Manon Les Suites Exotic Junglefish Pool Rock
Manon Les Suites Exotic Junglefish Pool
Manon Les Suites Jungle Pool Vertical Gardens
Manon Les Suites Jungle Pool Vertical Gardens Pink Flowers
Manon Les Suites Jungle Pool
Manon Les Suites Gym Boxing Ring
Manon Les Suites Gym Tractor Tire
Manon Les Suites Hotel Gym
Manon's Rooftop Restaurant
Manon Les Suites Rooftop Spa Bucket Shower
Manon Les Suites Sauna
Manon Les Suites Rooftop Sun Decks

The view from Manon Les Suites restaurant overlooking The Lakes

The View From Manon Les Suites Restaurant Overlooking The Lakes
Copenhagen Panorama
Gyldenløvesgade 19, 1600 København V, Denmark
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