Accommodation types: Luxury   Palace   Spa
Location: Antalya  Turkey  Middle East
Titanic Mardan Palace - The Ultimate Luxury ResortTitanic Mardan  

Like the Pharaohs' pyramids and Nebuchadnezzar’s hanging gardens, rich men have long sought to build the ultimate thing. Mardan Palace is considered to be one of the most expensive resorts in the world costing $1.4 billion to create.

There are 546 rooms separated into three wings: Dolmabahce, European and Anatolian and each has a unique design. The cathedral-like lobby glitters with a golden ceiling, Swarovski Crystal chandeliers hang above a staircase as elegant as the sweep of an angel’s dress. The luxury rooms have huge bathrooms, walk-in showers and some even have a private hammam bath. Products are by Hermes, who seems to have now quit delivering messages for the Gods and is now making really expensive shampoo.

The swimming pool covers five acres and contains a sunken aquarium with 2,400 fish inside, it runs through the hotel and meets a waterway that allows you to circumambulate the hotel in a gondola. There are 10 restaurants and 11 bars. Lara Beach is instantly accessible as are a huge amount of activities from water-skiing to volleyball.

Mardan Palace
Mardan Palace facade
Mardan Palace lobby
Grandiose stairs
Bosphorus restaurant
Besiktas restaurant
Aquamarine restaurant
Couple at the aquamarine restaurant
Mardan Palace ballroom
Woman in an elegant white wedding dress playing on a green piano
Jungle bar
Mardan Palace bar
Mardan Palace bowling
Mardan Palace hammam
Royal Suite salon
Mardan Palace fountains
Kundu Koyu Oteller Mevkii Lara, Kundu, 07400 07400, Turkey
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