Martello Tower - A Holiday In A Napoleonic FortressMartello  

This Martello Tower was originally built by the British when they were threatened by the armies of Napoleon. It was part of a string of 29 fortresses that ran like a necklace around the British coast. Each was home to a garrison of 25 men – one can imagine the thick stone walls echoing to the sounds of them relaxing, drinking, and telling tales. It was designed to give the maximum range to four guns each firing ship-maiming cannonballs.

Today, in the days when Europeans have mercifully stopped slaughtering each other over pettiness, it has been converted into a hotel apartment for hire. The renovation was painstaking and the Landmark Trust did an amazing job turning the dilapidated fortress into “a large lofty space”. The rooftop has amazing views of blasted skies and the dramatic English shoreline. It is the perfect place to go sailing or watch the fine view while eating English staples like Fish ‘n’ Chips. The Martello Tower is a Napoleon-proof holiday.

Martello Tower through the bridge

Martello Tower and the bridge

Martello Tower

Martello Tower entrance

Martello Tower living room

Martello Tower dining room

Martello Tower bedroom