Martin's Patershof - Converted Church HotelMartin's Patershof  

This is a hotel in a historic church located in the art heart of Northern Europe, Mechelen where there are loads of amazing buildings, paintings, and sculptures. Many were created in the sixteenth-century renaissance.

So when you’re done craning your neck and making impressed noises at the mountainous cathedrals, why not make your way back to the hotel? Your room is located in the stone-roofed and stained glass vestry or monk’s chamber. Obviously, you won’t be living like a monk as all the conveniences are available to you and, I have it on good authority, the beds are particularly good here.

How about sitting in your private Jacuzzi watching the bubbles reflect the rainbow that shines through your stained glass windows? Breakfast is served in the traditional church building and specializes in religious ecstasy on toast… not really.

Type: Church   Design   Luxury
Church hotel
Martin's Patershof hotel interior
Martin's Patershof hotel lobby
Martin's Patershof hotel vintage chairs
Church hotel interior
Martin's Patershof hotel white decorated walls
Martin's Patershof hotel pillars
Martin's Patershof hotel room
Martin's Patershof hotel church room
Church hotel room
Martin's Patershof hotel luxury room
Martin's Patershof hotel bedroom
Stained glass in church hotel
Mechelen square
Mechelen, Belgium
Karmelietenstraat 4, 2800 Mechelen, Belgium