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Boutique Hotel

Valais is Switzerland's incredible valley shaped by a glacier, cutting its way through two alpine mountain ranges. The scenic and diverse landscape with some of the highest glaciers and mountains of the Alps is an attractive proposition for any nature lover.

The project owners, Lisa and Louis Papadopoulos, chose this beautiful part of the country to open their eco-friendly holiday concept aimed at city dwellers looking to cleanse their souls.

Maya Boutique Hotel in Switzerland is the first to introduce a unique feature many will likely follow. The architects decided to use straw bales to isolate the building and increase its energy efficiency.

Normally, you see round bales of straw decorating picturesque fields, but researchers claim it can be the future of sustainable construction.

Maya Boutique Hotel

The low-impact and low-carbon building material is perfect for heat isolation, and even during harsh Alpine winters, the hotel requires minimal heating.

Maya Boutique Hotel In Winter

The first hotel in the world to use this material as construction material used 55 tonnes of straw bales.

Maya Boutique Hotel Made Of Straw Bales
Maya Boutique Hotel Dining Room
Maya Boutique Hotel Room In Black And White
Maya Boutique Hotel Room
Maya Boutique Hotel Balcony
Maya Boutique Hotel Veranda
Maya Boutique Hotel Spa Area

Another interesting bit is the hotel's spa area. It was completely crowdfunded, so the unique barrel sauna overlooking the Alpine fields and mountain peaks is thanks to the community.

Maya Boutique Hotel Barrel Sauna
Maya Boutique Hotel Sauna During Winter

Apart from the sauna, there is a hot tub, which is best enjoyed with a bottle of chilled wine.

Maya Boutique Hotel Hot Tub In Winter
Maya Boutique Hotel Hot Tub Alpine Panorama
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Linzerbot 25, 1973 Nax, Switzerland