Mezzatorre Hotel - Former Watchtower Turned Into A Stunning Italian RetreatMezzatorre  

Set on 17 acres (7 hectares) picture perfect land with lush Mediterranean greenery and a private cliffside setting, Mezzatorre Hotel is an Italian seaside retreat of the most stunning type.

A quick ferry ride from Naples and you arrive at the picturesque island of Ischia. Often overlooked by tourists rushing to the Amalfi Coast and Capri Island, Ischia is the largest island in the Bay of Naples and has much to offer.

Imagine that it was colonized by the Greeks, Syrausansa, Romans, Saracens, Turks, and Aragonese.

With so many nations fighting for this land, it must be special. It could be the therapeutic hot-spring waters (that Mezzatorre Hotel has utilized in its pools), the mud full of minerals, or the rich flora and fauna.

In addition, Ischia's attractive landscape and diverse architectural heritage make it a desirable destination.

Type: Beach   Luxury
Location: Forio  Italy  West Europe

Mezzatorre Hotel sits on a dramatic rock face in a private bay with the charming towns Forio on one side and Lacco Ameno on the other.

Mezzatorre Hotel Aerial

The secluded location is perfect for hiding from the crowds, but you are within walking distance of Ischia's pretty beaches.

Mezzatorre Hotel Cliffside Retreat

The 16th-century watchtower that once looked out for Saracen pirates became a simple hotel in the 1930s.

Mezzatorre Hotel Mediterranean Garden

Finally, after another nearly a century of writers' and movie directors' involvement in the property, Pellicano Hotels decided to buy it in 2019.

Mezzatorre Hotel Bar La Torre

Following the acquisition, it was carefully restored to its original beauty while adding a La Dolce Vita style to the building.

Mezzatorre Hotel Outdoor Terrace Of Bar La Torre
Mezzatorre Hotel Ristorante La Torre
Mezzatorre Hotel Ristorante Bar La Baia
Mezzatorre Hotel La Torre Interior
Mezzatorre Hotel Deluxe Suite Bathroom
Mezzatorre Hotel Deluxe Suite Terrace

One of the quirks of a watchtower is that nearly all its rooms are sea-facing, so you can enjoy the golden hour even from the comfort of your room.

Mezzatorre Hotel Stylish, Whitewashed Living Room

The plant-filled private veranda has a magnificent view of the Bay of Naples and is best enjoyed with some handcrafted chocolates, olives, and fresh juice - all of which are locally sourced and represent the best of Italy.

Mezzatorre Hotel Bellevue Suite Terrace
Mezzatorre Hotel Grand Suite Bedroom

How about the unique setting of a candle-lit bathtub by the window?

Mezzatorre Hotel Grand Suite Bathroom
Mezzatorre Hotel Grand Suite Terrace
Mezzatorre Hotel Spa

Ischia's famous thermal water is filling up the healing spa pools of Mezzatorre Hotel.

Mezzatorre Hotel Spa Indoor Thermal Pool
Mezzatorre Hotel Spa Terrace
Mezzatorre Hotel Pool

The Mezzatorre's Beach Club & Pool lets you do beach stuff in style.

Mezzatorre Hotel Pool At Night

You can scroll your phone under the blue-white striped umbrellas by the pool and still look fancy.

Mezzatorre Hotel White-Blue-Striped Sun Loungers And Sea View
Mezzatorre Hotel Seaside Bar And Beach

Right by the side of the La Baia restaurant is a direct beach access.

Mezzatorre Hotel Sea Access

Ischia's secret spot

One of the secret spots of the island is La Mortella. It's one of the most beautiful private gardens you have ever seen. And "garden" is rather an understatement.

La Mortella Magical Garden

The creator, Susana Walton, spent five decades cultivating this lush Tropical/Mediterranean park where each square foot is full of life and beauty. So, take the chance to visit it!

La Mortella
via Mezzatorre, 23/d, 80075 Forio NA, Italy