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Mira Moon Hotel
Mira Moon  

The hotel of the Moon Goddess of Immortality

The Mira Moon Hotel takes its name from the legend of the Chinese Moon Goddess of Immortality. The story goes that there were once 10 suns orbiting the Earth making our planet a hellish place to live. The hero, Hou Yi shot down nine of them making the Earth into the cool, lush place we know today. He was rewarded with the elixir of immortality. Hou Yi loved his wife so much that he gave the elixir to her. After she drank it she flew to the moon only to discover that she could not return. To this day she remains an immortal – living on the moon watching over her husband and all mankind. The characters in this story inspired the hotel’s playful design which uses traditional Chinese prints, carpets and graphics to create a unique experience. The fusion restaurant combines terrace and indoor dining while the 24 hour gym provides a workout at any time.

Mira Moon hotel Lobby
Mira Moon hotel lounge
Super giant
Mira Moon hotel entrance interior
Mira Moon hotel corridor
Mira Moon hotel door
Moonshine suite lounge
Moonshine suite living room
Moonshine suite bedroom
full moon room
half moon room
Mira Moon hotel bathroom
388 Jaffe Rd, Hong Kong
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