Accommodation types: Nature   Palace
Location: New Paltz  USA  North America
Mohonk Mountain House - Outdoor Adventures In The Mohonk PreserveMohonk  
Mountain House

Just 80 miles North of New York City, you can find the charming town of New Paltz. A small path is leading from here to a secluded getaway called the Mohonk Mountain House. The 150-year-old building sits right by the Mohonk Lake, neighboring the Mohonk Preserve, with over 8,000 acres of cliffs, forests, fields, ponds, and streams.

This resort is all about outdoor activities and restful recreation. They go so far as listing 150 things to do, so you might also book for a month. The lengthy suggestion list has something special for everyone. Gastronomical exploration with possible takeaways for your hiking excursions, a whole menu of relaxing treatments at the Hudson Valley Spa & Wellness Getaway, or going for long walks to find all the 120 summerhouses they have on their extensive property. You definitely won't be bored then.

The accommodation ranges from the standard rooms and suites to the more exciting Grove Lodge with six bedrooms and an impressive Great Room with a cathedral ceiling and five unique cottages. They all have distinctive designs inside and outside. Choose any room, and you will have access to the 60-foot-long heated pool. Have you heard about underwater music before? Well, this pool is equipped with that, too, so don't be surprised when you dive in.

Eighty-five miles of hiking trails are waiting for you to discover around the Hudson Valley with lush forests and mountainous landscapes. Climbers seeking thrilling tracks will be happy to know that the nature preserve has over 1,000 climbing routes. Archery and tomahawk throwing is available for those who would like to improve their aiming skills. You could say Mohonk Mountain House is the Disneyland of nature adventures.

Mohonk Mountain House

Main Dining Room

Mohonk Mountain House Main Dining Room
Mohonk Mountain House Victorian Queen Twin Room With Lake View
Mohonk Mountain House Victorian King Room With Mountain View
Mohonk Mountain House Mountain View Suite Living Room
Mohonk Mountain House Mountain View Suite Bedroom

Grove Lodge

Mohonk Grove Lodge
Mohonk Grove Lodge Great Room
Mohonk Grove Lodge Double Queen Room
Mohonk Grove Lodge Bathroom
Mohonk Grove Lodge Porch

Indoor Heated Pool

Mohonk Mountain House Indoor Heated Pool

Mineral Pool

Mohonk Mountain House Outdoor Mineral Pool
Mohonk Mountain House Solarium At The Spa
Mohonk Mountain House Spa Chill
Mohonk Mountain House Pavilion Ice Skate Ring
Granary Overlooking Lake Mohonk
Rocking Chairs Porch at Lake Mohonk
Mohonk Mountain House garden in the summer
Mohonk Mountain Cliffs
Mohonk Lake Jumping
Mohonk Lake Kayaking
Mohonk Preserve Mountain Biking
Mohonk Lake Boat Dock
Mohonk Preserve Sky Top Tower
1000 Mountain Rest Rd, New Paltz, NY 12561, United States
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