MONA Pavilions - Tasmania's Art WorldMONA  

The eight contemporary pavilions on Hobart's private peninsula complete Australia's coolest art experience.

Hobart, the state capital of Tasmania, is home to a mind-blowing subterranean art gallery.

The Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) is integrated into the Moorilla winery estate and showcases ancient, modern, and contemporary art.

Type: Art   Luxury
Location: Hobart  Australia  Oceania

As the collection focuses on sex and death, the museum's owner, David Walsh, refers to it as the "subversive adult Disneyland". Who would not want to see that?!

Ferry Docking At MONA, Hobart, Tasmania

No wonder MONA became a significant tourist attraction compared to the city's size, just like the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.

The Museum Of Old And New Art, Hobart
MONA Outdoor Art Sculpture - Girls Rule by Tom Otterness

Another reason for its popularity is that MONA is not only a museum. You will find a winery, brewery, restaurant, and hotel on the same site.

MONA Faro Restaurant - Bar Pharos
MONA Subterranean Art Gallery

On the banks of River Derwent, MONA has opened its own hotel for visitors to stay the night and have more time to appreciate all the art.

MONA Pavilions

The funky riverside houses are named after a famous Australian artist or architect.

MONA Pavilions Walter House

Their fresh and bold designs are statements that architecture is an essential part of the art world and should evoke emotions too.

MONA Pavilions Esmond

Each of the one/two-bedroom accommodations features private artwork from the MONA collection. And as a guest, you will also have access to the museum free of charge.

MONA Pavilions Roy Bedroom

Other perks include a private gym, sauna, and an infinity pool overlooking River Derwent.

MONA Pavilions Roy Outdoor Spa Bath

Ferries from Sullivans Cove can take you to your pavilion, as that's the only way of transportation.

MONA Walter Pavilion
MONA Walter Pavilion Bedroom
MONA Walter Pavilion Bathroom
MONA Walter Pavilion Outdoor Shower
655 Main Rd, 7011 Hobart, Australia