MO.OM Hotel - Hip Hotel & Motel In ItalyMO.OM  

This hotel bills itself as ‘Hotel & Motel, Love & Sex, Business & Relax all become One’. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a terrifically messy evening. But then, maybe I’m not Italian enough. You can choose whether to stay in the Hotel building or the Motel building.

In the Motel, you can stay in 1 or 2-floor chalets. You will be residing in a unique space designed by Mario Grosso, who is the number 1 eco-architect in the world.

The building has a carbon footprint of zero and is run using unusual ‘microturbines’ which convert methane gas into energy.

The hotel is twinned with the hip Idea Verde Village where you can use the golf course, tennis courts, and disco.

You will be near Milan and the famous Lake Como, where there is a festival atmosphere with opportunities to swim, boat, and party with the great and the good of the world.

MO.OM Hotel
MO.OM Hotel exterior
MO.OM Hotel facade
MO.OM Hotel lobby
MO.OM Hotel design staircase
MO.OM Hotel staircase with hanging lamps
MO.OM Hotel corridors
MO.OM Hotel sexy bed
MO.OM Hotel duplex suite
MO.OM Hotel fetish bed
MO.OM Hotel room
MO.OM Hotel room with artistic nude photo
MO.OM Hotel restaurant
MO.OM Hotel spa
Via San Francesco d'Assisi, 15, 21057 Olgiate Olona Varese, Italy