Morerava Cottages - Eastern Island Eco LodgeMorerava  

Eco cottages on the mysterious Easter Island, also known as Rapa Nui, are a fine way to visit this small island also known as the “bellybutton of the world”. The special cottages are assembled off-site and placed carefully in the landscape so as not to disturb the fragile ecosystem.

Special attention has been paid to sunlight and cross-ventilation to achieve comfort without the use of harsh mechanical implements and the water is collected from rainfall and heated by solar panels. The cottages are self-catering and the main tourist town of the island is a short drive away with a good range of eateries and activities.

While you stay there, you must visit the famous Easter Island heads or ‘Maoi’ which are claimed to represent the ancestors of Polynesian inhabitants and were once great status symbols. Take time to explore the fascinating history of this island.

Morerava Cottages

Cabañas Morerava

Morerava Cottages wooden bungalows

Morerava Cottages bungalow

Morerava Cottages at night

Morerava Cottages bungalow terraces with hammocks

Girl in a hammock at Morerava Cottages on Easter Island

Morerava Cottages interior

Morerava Cottages corridor

Girl walking inside the Morerava Cottages

Morerava Cottages living room

Morerava Cottages hotel interior

Morerava Cottages room

Morerava Cottages bedroom

Morerava Wooden Cottages interior

Morerava Cottages room with terrace and hammock

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