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Times Square

Manhattan overflows with luxury hotels, and it keeps getting harder to stand out and show something new. So, Moxy came up with the "less is more" concept, which may initially sound frightening, but hear me out.

Moxy is Marriott International's fresh brand that targets the younger generations less interested in traditional luxury and more into experiences than hoarding wealth.

So, at Moxy, the rooms are smaller, and bellboys are digitalized, but the fun level is now like at the best hostels. Except you get to keep style and comfort, and Dave from Australia sleeps in another room, not above your head.

And people seem to love this new type of luxury. Since Moxy's first opening in Milan back in 2014, their new hotels keep popping up like mushrooms in the forest after heavy rain. There are now five locations just in Manhattan!

Type: Design
Location: New York  USA  North America
Moxy Times Square Hotel Building Exterior

The 612-room Moxy Times Square is at New York's most famous spot and housed in a 17-story building. It's located between Penn Station and Times Square on 7th Avenue, close to the Empire State Building.

Moxy Times Square Hotel Atrium & Bear Installation

Bar Moxy Lounge Plus Ice Cream Machine

Moxy is just like any other luxury hotel when it comes to dining and drinking options. There are restaurants on the ground floor, a cocktail lounge on the second floor, and a rooftop bar.

Bar Moxy Lounge

Moxy Times Square Hotel Bar Moxy

The light-filled atrium of the Moxy Bar is a hybrid of a lounge, co-working space, and a bar.

Moxy Times Square Hotel Magic Hour Corridor

Moxy Times Square Hotel Elephant Lounge

Magic Hour rooftop bar

The hotel's indoor/outdoor all-season rooftop bar is the icing on the cake. Their unique line of cocktails includes one that comes with a rose-shaped and colored ice cube.

Moxy Times Square Hotel West Patio Carousel

Magic Hour was inspired by classic amusement parks, so it's essentially a playground for the 21+.

The bar has an adult's version of the carousel, but instead of sitting on wooden horses, the rotating circular platform has comfy sofas. Plus, the contemporary middle part, made of copper and decorated with warm yellow bulbs, is a piece of art!

Moxy Times Square Hotel Magic Hour Rooftop Bar

The bar has a retractable rooftop, so in nice weather, you will see the grand Empire State Building, and during snow storms, you will be kept nice and cozy.

Moxy Times Square Hotel Corner King Bedroom

Corner King Room

The multiple award winner Yabu Pushelberg design studio is responsible for the chic interiors of Moxy Times Square's rooms.

Moxy Times Square Hotel King Bedroom Quirky Details

Contemporary art, retro telephones, books, and practical items. Although Moxy's slogan is "less is more", the rooms are more stylish and equipped than expected.

Moxy Times Square Hotel Queen Bedroom

Queen Room

The bed in the Queen Room is tucked into a corner, with a lot of storage space under it. This new practical layout for the rooms allows a lower price without sacrificing the styling.

You can also notice that there are plenty of wall hooks for storing your cloth. Moxy also provides a foldable table and chair hung on the wall, so it doesn't take up space after you finish your Cappuccino with a croissant.

Moxy Times Square Hotel Queen Twin Loft Room

Queen Twin Loft Room

The bathrooms are hidden behind stylish industrial sliding doors, and a sink is outside by the entrance, so while one of you takes a shower, the other can brush their teeth. It's the sum of these clever touches that make Moxy stand out.

Moxy Times Square Hotel Queen Bunk Bed Room

Queen Bunk Room

The most fun option is the Queen Bunk Room which you can share with your friends. It's like a really posh hostel (aka Poshtel).

Moxy Times Square Hotel Suite Kitchen


The 350 square feet (32 square meters) one-bedroom suite is Moxy's biggest and most expensive option. So, if you like the hotel's styling but need more space, this is the one to go for.

Moxy Times Square Hotel Suite Living Room

Moxy Times Square Hotel Suite Bedroom

An unexpected feature that should be in every hotel is the "Stash". Each floor has a hidden "Stash" room which you can access with your hotel key card. It contains everyday items that you may be missing. So they have you covered if you forget something at home, like a toothbrush or a toothbrush.

485 7th Ave, New York, NY 10018