Muang La Lodge - Unspoiled Nature & Thermal Spring Bath In LaosMuang La  

Laos is a backpackers' favorite for its untouched beauty and cheerful people. Muang La, a rural village in the North, is everything we love about this country. It's a good 5-hour drive from Luang Prabang, one of the most remote spots you can imagine. Yet, Northern Laos' pristine beauty and its vast diversity of traditional ethnic tribes attract travelers to this faraway sanctuary. Any trip to Laos would be incomplete without visiting the mysterious North.

Ten rooms are housed in wooden, traditionally built villas inside Muang La Lodge's tropical garden. Colonial French and traditional Lao styles inspire the beautifully furnished rooms. The colorful fabrics are locally produced, and many paintings and sculptures are the works of Lao artists. Spacious would be an understatement, as interiors reach 6-meters in height. Additionally, all rooms have a balcony that overlooks the gardens or the river and the thermal spring.

Muang La Lodge takes you on a culinary journey with its five-course set menu that they offer every night. It consists of a fusion between traditional Lao food and modern cuisine. Ingredients are fresh, locally produced, and are full of flavor.

On a naturally formed island by the Nam Pak River lies the hotel's swimming pool and "sala" – a 4-meter tall pavilion where you can enjoy sunsets and observe local kids playing in the shallow waters, villagers taking a bath, and animals cooling down in the waters of Nam Pak. A poolside bar offers refreshing drinks for those relaxing on the vivid red sun decks. The infinity pool overlooking the lush green surroundings is a great place to rest after a long hike exploring the rural villages. You will need to walk through an elegant suspension bridge that connects with the resort to access the pool island.

The highlight of your stay will be the candle-lit Traditional sauna ceremony with fragrant herbs and the elevated hot tubs that are filled with the thermal spring's water. Perfect place to feast your eyes on the breathtaking sunset over the mountains after a visit to the massage pavilion.

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Rural roads in Laos

Road Leading To Muang La

Muang La village

Muang La Village

Suspension bridge and thermal spring pools

Muang La Lodge Suspension Bridge And Thermal Spring
Muang La Lodge Thermal Spring Pools
Muang La Lodge Tropical Garden At Night
Muang La Lodge Bar At Night
Muang La Lodge Room Interior
Muang La Lodge Bathroom
Muang La Lodge Bathtub

Balcony overlooking the pool island and the suspension bridge

Muang La Lodge Balcony Overlooking The Bridge
Muang La Lodge Overlooking River Nam Pak
Muang La Lodge Chill By The River
Muang La Lodge Reading By The River Nam Pak

Elevated hot tub

Muang La Lodge Hot Tub Tower
Muang La Lodge Hot Tub
Muang La Lodge Hot Tub At Night
Muang La Lodge Hot Tub With Thermal Water
Muang La Lodge Women In The Hot Tub
Muang La Lodge Garden
Muang La Lodge Private Romantic Candle-Lit Dinner
Muang La Lodge Firepit
Muang La Lodge Restaurant
Muang La Lodge Food By The River
Muang La Lodge Massage Pavilion
Muang La Lodge Pool Island
Muang La Lodge Infinity Pool With Red Sun Decks
Muang La Lodge Riverside Private Dining In The Sand
Biking In Rural Laos Around Muang La
Traditional Boat Ride On River Nam Pak

Longtail boat ride on River Nam Pak

Longtail boat ride on River Nam Pak
Longtail boat ride on River Nam Pak in Rural Laos
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