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Naries Namakwa Retreat - Stylish escape in the South African blooming desert
Naries Namakwa  

Naries Namakwa is a retreat in the Northern Cape Province, South Africa, that really stands out for its beautiful, secluded location.

For most of the year, the area is a semi-desert featuring mainly drought-resistant plants such as succulents and aloes. Between August and October, however, the unwelcoming landscape is completely transformed by… blooming wild flowers. The dry lands burst with millions of plants brought to life by winter rains. From humble daisies to stunning lilies, orchids and irises, the Namaqualand region turns into a kaleidoscope of colours becoming one of the most incredible nature shows on earth.

During the flower season, Naries Namakwa will organise a flower hunt for you to admire all the different species and shades of wild flowers. But there is still loads to explore during the rest of the year, too. The Orange River offers excellent rafting conditions and a 4x4 jeep tour will take you to the Namaqualand Diamond Coast where you will find pristine beaches and dramatic shipwrecks.

Last but nor least, the retreat itself is a sight to behold. Especially the thatch, dome-shaped mountain suites which sit among the rocks and succulents almost blending into the landscape. They are round and built with use of local materials, making for a truly special accommodation. From a suspended private terrace you get magnificent views of the area and with almost zero light pollution at night you can really count all the stars on the sky. There are 3 mountain suites (seen on the photos below) with another 5 rooms in the comfy albeit more conventional Manor House.

Naries Namakwa Retreat domes
Naries Namakwa Retreat domes at night
Naries Namakwa Retreat dome with balcony
Naries Namakwa Retreat dome-shaped house with thatched roof
Naries Namakwa Retreat stone room
Naries Namakwa Retreat bedroom interior
Naries Namakwa Retreat double room
Naries Namakwa Retreat bedroom day time
Naries Namakwa Retreat bathroom
Starry night in South Africa at the Naries Namakwa Retreat
Unspoiled nature in Springbok
Antelopes in Springbok
27km Outside Springbok (N7) towards Kleinzee (R355), Springbok, 8240, South Africa
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