New Majestic Hotel – It’s Artistic!New Majestic  

It’s called the New Majestic Hotel so no-one forgets that it’s new and majestic. But that would be hard to do given that the lobby has a copper ceiling, white-washed walls, and vintage fans. As is usual for modern design hotels, local artists have been allowed to splurge their creative juices all over the walls and interior design of the hotel, creating some stunning murals. It even has its own space program. No not that sort of space program.

It’s the entirely unpretentious name for the hotel’s exhibit of traditional artifacts and oddities from Singapore some of which you can buy. There is a special guest ambassador who will plan your itinerary for you and keep you abreast of any fantastic events that are not to be missed. An award-winning chef runs the restaurant, and there is an excellent wine cellar. The rooms are loft-style; some with six meter-high ceilings and each one is individually designed and decorated for you to have a truly unique experience.

New Majestic Hotel facade
New Majestic Hotel lobby
New Majestic Hotel duplex room
Two baths in the room
Two baths
Stairs in the duplex suite
New Majestic Hotel mirror room
New Majestic Hotel colorful room with mirrors
New Majestic Hotel asian style room
New Majestic Hotel room with bath inside
New Majestic Hotel sea room
New Majestic Hotel green room
New Majestic Hotel room with private terrace with bath
New Majestic Hotel white mirror room
New Majestic Hotel blue room
White room
Baths on the private terrace
New Majestic Hotel swimming pool
Swimming pool with palm tree
31 Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore