nhow London - Eccentric Pop Art Hotelnhow London  

The Madrid-based NH Hotel Group's nhow brand offers a new, unique breed of accommodations in multiple locations across Europe, with some of the most extraordinary designs in the industry.

Nhow doesn't shy away from eccentricity, to put it mildly. The hipster brand goes against typical hotel conventions like unimaginative communal spaces, dull color schemes, and outdated furniture.

So, if you have PTSD from bland hotels, then this wild Project Orange-designed place is meant for you.

Type: Art   Design
Location: London  England  West Europe

Nhow's Berlin location demonstrated how to break physics with its cantilevered metal box structure seemingly levitating 118 feet (36 meters) above the Spree River.

While their Brussels property's hand-painted murals showcased how a hotel can double as an art gallery.

nhow London Hotel building entrance

Nhow London luckily fits the pattern and delivers on the unconventionally extraordinary promise. The hotel's design takes inspiration from the district's industrial past and blends it with new-wave artsiness.

nhow London Hotel lobby

The lobby's ("open house" - as nhow calls it) ceilings have exposed pipes painted in black, mixed with large industrial lamps, and there are metal-framed shelves for a mini art exhibition and board games.

nhow London Hotel "Open House"

The hotel's walls host an array of murals, pop art, and graffiti paintings, looking like a wild mix between Banksy and Andy Warhol.

nhow London Hotel co-working space

And if all the colorful contemporary furniture and wall paints don't make your head spin, turn your attention to the Big Ben space rocket installation stretching from the floor to the ceiling.

nhow London Hotel Big Ben Rocket Tower

In the lounge, a cozy corner provides fireplace-side designer sofas to enjoy a cold drink from the bar, socialize, or finish a quick work on your laptop.

nhow London Hotel communal space with a fireplace

You will spend half of your time at nhow's boldly designed hotel searching for easter eggs and taking photos of them - from Space Invaders in your shower to the pixelated private parts of royalties.

The funky, centrally located bar is fully stocked with quality wines, beer, and ciders, and they can make your favorite cocktails with or without alcohol.

nhow London Hotel hipster bar

The in-house restaurant serves classic comfort foods inspired by traditional Mexican, Italian, and American recipes with an added spice of craziness.

nhow London Hotel restaurant

The menu includes dishes like the 6 cheeses pizza or the comforting mac & cheese pasta. Both will make any Italian's blood boil, yet they are so satisfying that you end up ignoring the angry noises of imaginary nonnas.

nhow London Hotel dining
nhow London Hotel rooms floor

The theatrical hallways are decorated with heavy curtains and serve a function, too - these velvet drapes mute any unwanted sounds.

nhow London Hotel colorful corridor with curtains

Superior Room

nhow London Hotel Superior Room

When Henry VIII looks down at you with his mesmerizing gaze from the bathroom walls, you know everything will be alright!

nhow London Hotel bedroom
nhow London Hotel bathroom

Deluxe Superior Room

nhow London Hotel Deluxe Superior Room

The hotel provides a matching set of his and her flip-flop slippers and bathrobes dedicated to the Queen and King of the room. If you forget to change to your urban wear when you go out, don't worry, as it's central London, and you may become the hippest person on the streets in this outfit.

nhow London Hotel Royal Bathrobes and Slippers


nhow London Hotel Suite


nhow London Hotel Penthouse

Nhow's most expensive suite is the Penthouse, which, with an overdose of gold d├ęcor, balances on the edge of elegance/kitsch.

The marble-laden bathroom features a freestanding bathtub fully revealed from the bedroom when you open its curtain.

nhow London Hotel Penthouse Bathroom

Henry, the robot butler

Henry, nhow London's Robot Butler

Monochrome metro tiles, yellow stripes, and two giant mirrors turn this compact gym into a perfect selfie spot - if working out is not your thing.

nhow London Hotel Industrial Gym
2 Macclesfield Rd, London EC1V 8DG, United Kingdom