Nobis Hotel - 19th-Century Bourgeoisie Stone Architecture In StockholmNobis  

The Nobis Hotel offers a relaxed atmosphere and luxury accommodations from a staff whose sole purpose is to provide unparalleled customer service.

The hotel is conveniently situated in Norrmalmstorg, one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Stockholm, so guests are free to discover all the city's delights.

Nobis Hotel is the perfect place for international travelers to enjoy simple elegance with convenient access to one of the most famous Stockholm districts, with numerous restaurants, shops, museums, galleries, theaters, and cultural attractions just beyond the front doors.

Type: Luxury

The building is an excellent example of the 19th-century bourgeoisie stone architecture unique to the city.

Nobis Hotel building

However, the Nobis Hotel boasts a dramatic history since it was the site of the famed bank heist in 1973.

The hostages became sympathetic to their captors, a condition is now known as Stockholm Syndrome.

Nobis Hotel lounge

The vault has since been converted into a store in accordance with the beautiful interior design of the award-winning Claesson Koivisto Rune studio.

Their designs are renowned for their contemporary elegance, warmth, comfort, and superior quality.

Nobis Hotel lounge lamps

The overall theme reflects Stockholm's personality, utilizing subtle color tones and natural materials to create a calming environment that harmonizes with the historic architecture.

Caina Restaurant in Stockholm
Nobis Hotel bistro

During your stay, you can also enjoy a traditional Italian meal at the bistro and unwind with cocktails in the lounge, which is a hot spot of the Stockholm social scene.

The Gold Bar in Stockholm at Nobis Hotel
Nobis Hotel big meeting room
Nobis Hotel private meeting room
Nobis Hotel private room
Nobis Hotel breakfast in the suite
Nobis Hotel couch in the room

All 201 guest rooms perpetuate the same contemporary theme with comfortable furnishings and incredible city views or beautiful courtyards.

Nobis Hotel suite
Nobis Hotel panorama suite
Nobis Hotel small single room
Nobis Hotel sauna
Norrmalmstorg 2-4, 111 86 Stockholm, Sweden