Nordic Light Hotel - Mood Rooms Inspired By The Aurora BorealisNordic Light  

Famous for its ‘mood rooms’ – this is Stockholm’s foremost design hotel. Its rooms are fitted with lighting designed to inspire moods and create atmospheres – like lighting a candle and dimming the lights - only more awesome. You can choose ‘relaxing blue’, ‘refreshing green’ or ‘pulsing red’ and adjust light intensity and tempo. Their bar and lounge also use mood lighting. It combines with interior design and music to create a flow of conviviality that you experience under the tinkle of glass and hum of conversation.

The inspiration behind this unique hotel comes from the Northern Lights who wind their alien ways across the night skies of Norway. With hundreds of bulbs and angles, designers have used lights like a painter and his palette - combining artificial and natural in strokes. They wanted to give the hotel a definite personality; smart, creative, and flirtatious. They were awarded a ‘Nordic Ecolabel’ which is the Michelin Star of energy efficiency which is no small achievement considering all the light bulbs they must use.

Nordic Light Hotel view on Stockholm
Nordic Light Hotel
Two model girls waiting in lobby of the Nordic Light Hotel
Nordic Light Hotel lobby
Nordic Light Hotel fireplace
Nordic Light Hotel bar with changing lights (green)
Nordic Light Hotel with changing lights (red)
Nordic Light Hotel white room
Nordic Light Hotel black room with a girl playing
Nordic Light Hotel red light room
Nordic Light Hotel purple room
Model girl on the bed reading a newspaper
Nordic Light Hotel love room
Love bed
Couple in the love room
Vasaplan 7, Box 884, 101 37 Stockholm, Sweden