North Island – The Eco ReformationNorth Island  

Staying in a North Island beach hut allows you to take part in a remarkable story of conservation. This island in Seychelles was once full of coconut trees, people, and animals working to supply the industrial coconut industry. But that collapsed in the 1970s and the island was deserted by industry. The damage done to the original ecosystem was substantial with foreign species and plants outgrowing, out-foraging, and straight-up eating their rivals. Over the last 30 years, a painstaking effort to preserve the unique ecosystem and reverse the damage has taken place and the North Island Hotel is part of that.

Your villa is made from the wood of foreign tree species, your food is grown on the island or fished from the sea and transport around the island is by electric buggy. You can dive in clear waters and explore the solid snake of coral that coils around the island. It is also an opportunity to come close to endangered species of bird and tortoises the island is now home to.

Type: Island   Luxury   Remote
Arriving to the North Island, Seychelles
Luxury bungalows on North Island
North Island hotel
Sunbathing on the terrace of North Island hotel in Seychelles
North Island terrace at night with lights on
Hammocks on the beach of North Island
Relaxing on the beach of North Island
Wooden platform on North Island
North Island wooden bungalow
Wooden suite on North Island hotel
Bahtroom in the luxury bungalow
Common relax place on North Island
North Island wooden bungalow
North Island hotel room
North Island hotel Luxury bungalow
Luxury bathroom in the bungalow
Common bungalow in North Island hotel
Wooden terrace with view on the beach of North Island
North Island private jacuzzi
Young couple enjoying the jacuzzi in North Island hotel
North Island
Cute tiny turtle in the sand
North of Mahe Island, North Island 22440, Seychelles