Five Boutique Hotel - Floating Bed In ParisFive Boutique Hotel  

For many people, Parisian hotels are always going to be a crystal chandelier affair with Louis the XVI chairs and hankies flopped around the place. But for us at Uniqhotels it is all about vaulting design that overleaps itself and… well, this is no time for Shakespeare. Why not? Because it is the future. Aye, the future of hotels. And nowhere is that more apparent than The Five Hotel.

No longer content to simply name themselves after a monosyllabic abstraction, hotels are now taking the abstraction and placing it firmly within the traditional nomenclature. The name is not only where the “uniqness” begins. Inside, the design is unparalleled, breathless as a Moulin Rouge dancer and cool as the ice-broken cocktails that sweat in your hand. Each room comes with a cozy bed, plasma TV, luxury L’Occitane products, and internet – and one even has a floating bed. If you want something extra special then head over to the self-contained “One by the Five” suite designed to slam pure hedonism into your head until you’re spinning with a vision of stars and then you realize that that’s actually the LEDs in the ceiling.

Type: Design
Location: Paris  France  West Europe
One by the Five hotel building
One by the Five lobby
One by the Five check-in
One by the Five corridor
One by the Five toilet
Design stairs
One by the Five chandelier
View to the room
Floating bed room
One by the Five hotel room
Floating bed
Design light bulb
One by the Five bathroom
Romantic Paris
3, rue Flatters, 75005 Paris