Pairi Daiza Resort - Underwater Rooms In Europe's Best ZooPairi Daiza  

The brilliant combination of a wildlife park and 4-star accommodation takes you one step closer to animals than ever before. Pairi Daiza, "Garden of the Worlds", lies in Belgium, and it's one of the top attractions in the country.

It's been voted "Best zoo in Europe" on multiple occasions, and the park houses over 7,000 animals from around the world.

Since 2019 it has been possible to sleep at the Pairi Daiza Resort in thematic quarters of the park called The Last Frontier and The Land of the Cold. The resort has 100 rooms, each of them directly facing wild animals.

The Pairi Daiza Zoo is home to one unique hotel concept that received numerous awards for its originality.

The resort's green credentials are well-deserved thanks to the 67.250 solar panels installed above the parking lot. Their foundation supports the reintroduction of different species back into their native habitat.

If you are still not impressed, Pairi Daiza plans to open the biggest greenhouse in Europe by 2024.

Pairi Daiza Zoo

With an eye for every authentic detail and exceptional respect for the animals, you will experience an immersive adventure like nothing before.

Paddling Bear Hotel

Native Village

The Pairi Daiza Resort has 100 rooms in the heart of Pairi Daiza, close to the animals. The rooms are spread across The Land of the Cold – a journey to the farthest poles of the Earth – and The Last Frontier – inspired by the Canadian province of British Columbia.

Pairi Daiza Resort Native Village

You only need to decide which is your favorite; sea lions, walruses, polar bears, penguins, brown bears, grey wolves, or black bears and deer.

Three of these accommodations are partially below water, providing a unique perspective on outdoor life through an extra-large window.

Pairi Daiza Resort Native Village Bear

Hotel guests get two days of access to the park, including exclusive perks that day visitors can't – early access before the opening hours and after hours.

Pairi Daiza Resort Native Village Deer

In addition, every stay has a breakfast buffet and dinner included, which means more time for gazing at wild animals. And if you are after a real treat, the newly opened Le Mökki restaurant offers four and six-course degustation menus.

Pairi Daiza Resort Native Village Interior

Full Moon Lodge

Pairi Daiza Resort Full Moon Lodge
Pairi Daiza Resort Full Moon Lodge Bedroom
Pairi Daiza Resort Full Moon Lodge Interior
Pairi Daiza Resort Full Moon Lodge Window Bear View

Tiger House

In The Tiger House, you can come face to face with this exciting predator. The tigers are active in the spacious enclosure and can pass directly past your window.

You can choose between a double room or a family room with a frontal view or a view from above. All hotel rooms in Land of the Cold are luxuriously furnished and equipped with a bubble bath and spacious walk-in shower.

Pairi Daiza Resort Tiger House

Walrus House

In the Walrus House rooms, it feels like sleeping in a snowy winter landscape. Inside, you will find only colors of the shades of ice and snow.

Pairi Daiza Resort Walrus House Bedroom

The room is like a snow cave with glittering white walls made to look like ice. You get a unique view of the underwater world of the walruses.

Pairi Daiza Resort Walrus From The Room's Window

Polar Bear House

Pairi Daiza Resort Polar Bear House

You can watch the playful polar bears through the safety glass windows while having a clear division of their and your world.

Pairi Daiza Resort Polar Bear House Baby At The Window

Have you ever seen polar bears moving their paws while they swim? At Pairi Daiza Resort, you will have the opportunity!

Pairi Daiza Resort Polar Bear House Underwater Room View
Domaine de Cambron, 7940 Brugelette, Belgium