Pelican Point Lodge - Namibia’s Secluded Hotel By The LighthousePelican Point  

Pelican Point Lodge is one of those hotels that isn’t just accommodation but a destination in itself.

The lodge took its name from the Pelican Point, where it’s situated. It’s a remote peninsula off the coast of Namibia with the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Walvis Bay on the other. Being the only inhabited building on the peninsula, Pelican Point Lodge might seem to be a secluded spot. It does, however, enjoy frequent visits from seals, flamingos, seagulls, and even curious jackals, so you won’t be lacking company.

Housed in a renovated Harbor Control building at the foot of a magnificent (and still working!) lighthouse, the lodge offers only 10 suites making it even more special. With names inspired by the surrounding nature (The Lagoon Suite, The Pelican Suite, etc.), each and every room is unique. The décor draws on the colors and materials of the peninsula: sandy beiges and warm wood are the dominant elements of these cozy interiors.

The most exquisite of all is certainly the Captain’s Cove Suite located in the old control tower. Thanks to its previous lookout role, it boasts a 360-degree panoramic view and is bathed in light all day long. Luckily, your complimentary breakfast can be ordered to bed so you can enjoy the most scenic lie-in of your life for longer.

Although lazing around and going on long walks are truly epic at the Pelican Point Lodge, the hotel will also organize you kayaking with seals, dolphin cruises, dune boarding, and much more.

Type: Beach   Lighthouse   Nature   Remote
Location: Walvis Bay  Namibia  Africa
Aerial view of the Pelican Point Lodge in Walvis Bay in Namibia

Pelican Point Lodge at night with beautiful colors

Pelican Point Lodge harbor building and the lighthouse

Pelican Point Lodge door and lights

Pelican Point Lodge restaurant

Pelican Point Lodge restaurants starters with sea view

Pelican Point Lodge lounge

Pelican Point Lodge corridor

Pelican Point Lodge room with lighthouse view

Pelican Point Lodge bedroom

Pelican Point Lodge bathroom

Pelican Point Lodge sea view room

Pelican Point Lodge loft suite

Pelican Point Lodge suite jacuzzi

Pelican Point Lodge terrace food

Pelican Point Lodge evening

Seal at the Pelican Point Lodge in Wolvis Bay

Pelicans in front of the Pelican Point Lodge

Wolvis bay outdoor dinner

Couple enjoying outdoors at the Wolvis Bay

Wolvis Bay shipwreck

Wolvis Bay wildlife

Pelican Point Peninsula, Walvis Bay, Namibia