POD Hotel Camps Bay - Boutique Hotel With Table Mountain PanoramaPOD  

POD Hotel Cape Town touts the “sound of the sea”, noting its relaxing ambiance and a seaside sophistication lacking in most coastal hotels. These luxury rooms give you ample viewing of mountains and the sea with contemporary decor.

There are only 15 units, but each one features the best in modern architecture as well as a strong sense of privacy. This explains why it is a frequent celebrity-occupied hotel, as it has the sensibility of a villa with modern décor and comforts. The hotel also has earned excellent reviews for its helpful staff and its selection of units. You can choose from deluxe suites, luxury rooms, classic rooms, mountain rooms, and mini-mountain rooms. Each room looks more like a party club than a simple hotel unit, with stone walls and designer furniture.

The exotic location in Cape Town, South Africa certainly gives you scenery you can't find anywhere else in the world. A great vacation experience you have to sample at least once.

Type: Design   Luxury
POD Hotel building

POD Hotel glass exterior

POD Hotel bar

POD Hotel lounge

POD Hotel dining room

POD Hotel pool lounge

POD Hotel pool lounge with view on the pool

POD Hotel deluxe suite

POD Hotel deluxe suite sea view

POD Hotel deluxe suite bathroom

POD Hotel luxury room

POD Hotel luxury bedroom

POD Hotel luxury room panorama

POD Hotel pool next to the building

POD Hotel pool with sea views

3 Argyle Street, Camps Bay, Cape Town, 8005, South Africa