Qualia Hamilton Island - Luxury Pavilions Overlooking The Coral Sea And The Whitsunday IslandsQualia  
Hamilton Island

Hamilton Island is the largest inhabited island of the Whitsunday Islands in Queensland, Australia, and happens to be home to this luxury resort! Qualia has 60 private pavilions, all boasting picture-perfect views of the Coral Sea and the Whitsunday Islands. The word qualia means a ‘collection of deeper sensory experiences’, and this resort certainly evokes feelings of peace and calm.

If you’re looking for an upscale place to get away from the youngsters, this resort is just the ticket. Guests must be at least 16 to be accommodated, so you needn’t worry about any children running amok! Upscale studio suites are decorated with wood accents, offering decks with views of the sprawling sea. One-bedroom suites add private plunge pools for a heightened level of luxury!

For an extraordinary stay at the Qualia Hamilton Island, reserve the Beach House; this super-private home includes a master bedroom, a spacious living area with a dining table for ten, a separate guesthouse, and its own infinity pool. Several of the Windward Pavilions are just as lovely, with stunning views over the Great Barrier Reef.

With plenty of immaculately landscaped grounds to explore and a spa that offers treatments using Sodashi and Li’Tya products, there is plenty of space and opportunities for guests to relax. If all the relaxing leaves you hungry, the Beach Club Restaurant offers diners a majestic beachfront setting and a delicious menu. For a heartier meal, the lively Romano’s Italian Restaurant is set right on an aquatic hub, serving classic Australian dishes and a fresh seafood menu.

Looking for adventure? Take a short boat trip to the nearby Whitehaven Beach, often rated as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world!

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Qualia Hamilton Island resort

Qualia Hamilton Island lounge

Qualia Hamilton Island dining room with swimming poolQualia Hamilton Island

Qualia Hamilton Island lounge table with sea views

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Qualia Hamilton Island suite

Qualia Hamilton Island bedroom

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Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, 20 Whitsunday Blvd, Whitsundays QLD 4803, Australia