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Rapa Nui

Easter Island or ‘Rapa Nui’ is one of the most remote islands in the world: first populated by humans roughly 1000AD. The original Polynesian inhabitants carved the famous Easter Island Heads that represent their deified ancestors who, they believed, controlled the environment. Some of the statues have been shoved over. This is because young tribe-members rebelled against the old religion in the 1500s. Europeans and Latins arrived in the 19th Century with all their usual respect and grace, almost wiping out the local population.

Nowadays, the island’s clear waters are renowned among divers. Indeed, the world’s best freediver, Mike Rapu grew up on the island and gives his name to the lodge and his famous recipes to the kitchen. The lodge is friendly to the environment and supportive of the local community. This hotel is for those of you who love the outdoors and visiting unusual places. The lodge provides guides for daily hikes, cycle trips, and everything you need for exploring more oceanic pastimes.

Rapa Nui Hotel wooden building
Rapa Nui Hotel living room
Rapa Nui Hotel bedroom with sea view
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Easter Island fish dish
Biking on Easter Island
Trekking on Easter Island
The cliffs of Easter Island
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Sea at the Easter Island
Easter Island
Rapa Nui, Easter Island, Isla de Pascua, Chile
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