Relais Residenza D'Arte - Vibrant Artworks In A 14th Century VillaResidenza  

Set in beautiful Tuscany this lovingly restored 14th Century villa is a haven of warm tiles, bare beams, and stunning aesthetics. An acclaimed artist, Anna Izzo set out to create a hotel with soul allowing you to stay inside a living, breathing work of art. Vibrant contemporary artworks merge with medieval architecture and design blending the ancient and modern into a symphony of eye candy. Every last detail is a piece of design: from the sculptures and paintings down to cutlery and vases.

Highlights of your stay include the chance to float your cares away on a hot air balloon drifting over the ancient vineyards and olive groves of historic Siena. For those who are overcome with inspiration, there is the chance to take a painting class with top teachers in the hotel’s lovely gardens. You can take a taste tour of the region’s finest wines, ride on horseback or burrow through the history held in the stone-bricked village walls. Perhaps you want to learn the traditional arts of Tuscan pottery and take home a memento or just relax in their fine eateries.

Type: Art   Design
Poggio Madonna dell'Olivo 53049 Torrita di Siena, Italy