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Rotel - The German Bus HotelRotel  

Capsule hotels are in vogue right now. The German tour company, Rotel was always ahead of the game by providing capsule hotels on wheels since 1945. No matter how much you might enjoy staying in a five-star hotel, you will always be stationary, trapped in one district. So, to feed your sense of novelty and adventure, you decide to book yourself on a Rotel bus.

What next? Well, first you choose your tour from hundreds of options all around the world. If the wilds of Africa are not your thing, perhaps the vast planes of central Russia are. Or maybe the frozen wilderness of the Arctic will appeal or what about exotic Ecuador? On the bus, you ride in passenger seats during the day and sleep in 6x6x3ft capsules at night. There is a large kitchen on board for food but you may have to go a few days until you reach a shower as there is no one on the bus. But who could complain about the smell of unwashed passengers when you are waking up in a new and exciting location every day.

Rotel in desert
Rotel bus in the desert
Rotel crossing the river
3 storey bus
Rotel on dangerous roads
Dangerous road
Rotel in India
In the desert
Rotel between rocky mountains
Time for a stop to enjoy the view
Rotel in Namibia
Rotel Tours - Das Rollende Hotel - glance at the locals and their camels
Stop at a camp
Road to the high mountains
Rotel in the nature
Stop to meet the locals
African tribe
African tribe and Rotel
Rotel and the mountains in the background
Mount Everest
A quick stop in Fatehpur Sikri, India
Crossing on a boat
People help Rotel to move after it got stuck
Relaxing in the shade of rotel
Rotel room
Camping with Rotel
Preparing the food
Herrenstra├če 11, 94104 Tittling, Germany
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