Rutundu Log Cabins - Rough-Luxe At Mount KenyaRutundu  
Log Cabins

Rough-Luxe is an aesthetic, an artistic style that involves leaving a purposely unfinished look to an interior. Dark woods and clean unobstructed lines are used to leave a few highlights of the design. Here, on the shores of Lake Rutundu in Kenya, the highlights are undoubtedly the gorgeous views from the windows of the two log cabins.

The cabins are built in the traditional hunting lodge style and updated with rough-luxe interiors. The lake itself and the surrounding area is stunningly beautiful. How beautiful? Well, the location is special enough for Prince William to propose to Kate Middleton here. Your cabin is made from cedarwood, and the moss that grows between the logs provides natural insulation. You can breakfast on your verandah and then take a walk in the amazing giant groundsel and heather forests. The lake has some top-notch fishing, with the catch of the day being Rainbow Trout. You can also swim and horse ride. Many rare species of bird live here, and their calls are delightful. Scarlet-tufted malachite sunbirds are often seen from your breakfast table.

Type: Nature   Remote
Location: Meru  Kenya  Africa
Rutundu Log Cabins
Rutundu main cabin entrance with two dogs
Rutundu living room
Visitors book main cabin sitting room
Double bed in main bedroom
Bedroom in smaller cabin
Main cabin bedroom & window
Main cabin bathroom
Lake Rutundu
Peaks of Mt Kenya