Accommodation types: Nature
Location: Wundanyi  Kenya  Africa
Sarova Salt Lick Game Lodge - Quirky Buildings On Sticks Surrounded By WildlifeSarova Salt Lick  
Game Lodge

Built on stilts around prime grazing ground, the Salt Lick Lodge is one tasty proposition. Located in over 9000 square miles of protected terrain covering Western Kenya, the Lodge offers you the chance to view a menagerie of wildlife within a living ecosystem. The lodge has many terraces where you can watch animals come and drink at the nearby waterholes. There are also underground passages leading to camouflaged bunkers, so you can observe exotic species as they can exist without humans.

Salt Lick is part of a larger animal sanctuary that offers a protective refuge for larger species such as Giraffes, Elephants, and Buffalo. You can go on game drives to observe some of the larger residents at night, and great care is taken not to disturb the animals. The restaurant and bar is the highest point among the lodge’s unique 96 room complex. From there, you will have panoramic views of the ancient birthplace of life on Earth.

Sarova Salt Lick Game Lodge with wildlife around
Sarova Salt Lick Game Lodge restaurant
Sarova Salt Lick Game Lodge restaurant terrace
Sarova Salt Lick Game Lodge room
Sarova Salt Lick Game Lodge wildfire camping
Sarova Salt Lick Game Lodge safari
Salt Lick National Park
Taita Wildlife Sanctuary, 80100 Wundanyi, Kenya
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