Seven Hotel Paris - Quirky Interior With Levitating BedSeven Hotel  

If you stay here, you can sleep in one of the world’s only levitation beds. It appears to hover a couple of feet from the ground and is under-lit by the glow of LED, and above you, a fiber-optic night sky is sprayed over your ceiling.

That’s pretty great, right? I mean, even Captain Kirk’s bed didn’t levitate.

Type: Design
Location: Paris  France  West Europe
Seven Hotel facade

There is a decadent restaurant and a wine cellar with a specialty in champagne.

Seven Hotel bar

Seven Hotel lounge

Take a look at these photos… what room would you choose?

Seven Hotel levitating room

Your room contains all the usual amenities, free Wi-Fi, and a proper espresso machine (essential for coffee coinsures).

Seven Hotel levitating room bathroom

Massage therapists are delivered to your door so that you can relax after your night out in frisky Paris.

Seven Hotel black room

You will obviously want to bathe in your incredible floating bath with LED lights, and if you want a piece of the traditional, you can step out onto your Parisian terrace and enjoy the views around you.

Seven Hotel black room bathroom

Seven Hotel Suite Secret agent

Seven Hotel Suite Secret agent bedroom

Seven Hotel suite living room

Seven Hotel suite

Seven Hotel suite bathroom

Seven Hotel white room

Seven Hotel white bathroom

Seven Hotel red and black room

Seven Hotel black and white bathroom

20 Rue Berthollet, 75005 Paris, France