Accommodation types: Mountain   Nature   Remote
Location: Kapkot  India  South Asia
Shakti 360 Leti Kumaon - 8000 Feet High In The Himalayas
360 Leti

8000 feet in the Himalayas, the Shakti hotel offers authentic experiences of lands unknown on the usual tourist trail. Set on a ridge with stunning views of the Himalayas. Footpaths and villages are draped like a necklace across the foothills and wilderness that stretches out as far as your view can reach. Yoga, meditation, and traditional hospitality will look after your inner world while your outer world will delight in the village walks, traditional dance, and horse treks organized by local guides.

You will experience a slowing down and an opening up of the local culture and people. A truly immersive experience is the aim here. The hotel has top-notch green credentials sourcing its staff and food locally. All the buildings are built using local techniques and labor – the dry stone walls are an unnoticed feat of skill and provide a natural backdrop for much of the interior. The Kumaoni Dancers are a local dance group supported by the hotel and give performances all over the region. Not too mention the eco-friendly water and waste systems.

Shakti 360 Leti main building
Shakti Himalaya
Shakti 360 Leti in the nature
Shakti 360 Leti room and terrace open to the nature
On the terrace at night with campfire
Private dinner server at the room on the private terrace
Breakfast in the nature
Shakti 360 Leti restaurant
Shakti 360 Leti with view on the Himalayas
Entering the Shakti 360 Leti room
Shakti 360 Leti living room
Shakti 360 Leti at night
Two sided fireplace
View from the room
Shakti 360 Leti room
Shakti 360 Leti room with view on the Himalayas
Shakti 360 Leti terrace at the room
Shakti 360 Leti private terrace
Shakti 360 Leti home grown vegetables
Yoga in the Himalayas
Preparation for picnic
Picnic in the Himalayan nature
View from the Shakti 360 Leti
Shakti jeep high in the mountains
Trekking in the mountains
Trekking in the Himalayas
Walk around the Shakti 360 Leti
Shakti Himalaya
Bridge for people and sheeps
View on the Himalayas
Kapkot, Uttarakhand India
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