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Slow Cabins plays with the fascinating concept of finding secret remote locations with no other buildings nearby, in the pristine nature to place their eco-cabins. It's aimed at the busy city dwellers to de-stress in a beautiful environment and positively impact their mental and physical health. So where are the cabins located exactly? It's a secret, but upon reservation, they will send the exact location, and it's going to be a maximum of 2 hours' drive from any large Dutch or Belgian city. Slow Cabins come in two shapes. One that can accommodate two people, which is perfect for a romantic getaway. If you are coming with the whole family, the other cabin type can host four people. Plus, upon request, an infant bed can be added to the cabins.

The design incorporates huge windows and glass doors opening up to nature. It's built from sustainable materials, and it's completely self-sufficient, thanks to the array of solar panels on its roof. Inside, you will find a basic but fully stocked kitchen, a bathroom with a shower, a dining place, and a sleeping compartment. The queen-sized bed right by the oversized window is the cherry on the cake. It will be hard to get out of bed with a view like this! A clever little design feature is the sitting platform on the other side of the window. During the night, the cabin can be kept warm and cozy with the help of the wood-burning fireplace.

There is no WiFi nor TV, but Mother Nature is all around you. Nature parks, hiking, and cycling routes are always a stone's throw from the wooden hut. There is an outdoor wood-burning barbecue for a night full of fun, the crackling sound of the fire, and tasty grilled food. In this intimate haven of serenity, you can re-connect with your special ones and the natural environment around you.

Lastly, an essential piece of information for all the eco-avengers out there; the project owners run a local nature restoration and reservation every year work with their location partners, and they plant a tree after each booking. So, staying at Slow Cabins is not only an amazing experience but helpful for the environment too!

Off-Grid Slow Cabins Lierde Aerial

Slow Cabins Lierde At Sunrise

Slow Cabins Lierde In The Open Nature

Slow Cabins Lierde Exterior

Slow Cabins Lierde Interior

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Gouverneur Holvoetlaan 28, 2100 Antwerpen, Belgium