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South Foreland Lighthouse - Victorian Landmark At The White Cliffs Of Dover
South Foreland  

The white cliffs of Dover have inspired literature and songs for centuries in addition to drawing thousands of tourists every year. The South Foreland Lighthouse is one of the most famous Victorian landmarks of the area and offers some of the best views of this picturesque area. While most visitors only come for the day, you can now actually stay in one of the most historically significant locations within the National Trust.

Situated about one mile from St. Margaret’s Bay, the lighthouse was first built in 1842 to warn approaching ships of the Goodwin Sands which claimed many lives at sea. South Foreland claims its fame as the first lighthouse which used an electric light and as the location of the first international radio transmission. The lighthouse also offers spectacular views overlooking the Strait of Dover, the French coast, and passing ships.

Guests can even stay in the East Cottage, which was once home to the Knott family, the lighthouse keepers for the last five generations. Its large rooms have been fully modernized with a kitchen, lounge, and a private courtyard. You have full access to the grounds where you can walk the cliffs, fly kites, or head towards the ferry to visit France. The South Foreland Lighthouse is the ideal destination to escape the rigors of daily life while experiencing the breathtaking views of the famed cliffs.


Photo by Archangel12 (FlickR)

White Cliffs of Dover and the South Foreland Lighthouse on the top
South Foreland Lighthouse front
South Foreland Lighthouse courtyard
South Foreland Lighthouse kitchen
South Foreland Lighthouse living room
South Foreland Lighthouse bedroom
South Foreland Lighthouse twin bedroom
The Front, Saint Margarets Bay, Dover, Kent CT15 6HP, United Kingdom
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