Southern Ocean Lodge – Wild Nature, Wild TimesSouthern Ocean  

The Southern Ocean Lodge is located on Kangaroo Island, which is mostly a huge nature reserve.

The sun-baked limestone cliffs, crashing waves, and unfettered wildlife will certainly inspire you. Sea Lions, Koalas, and Ospreys are common sights here.


Southern Ocean Lodge was destroyed in the bushfires that spread across the western end of Kangaroo Island in January 2020, and the property is now closed. They are working on re-opening it by 6 December 2023.

Type: Luxury   Nature   Remote
Location: Kingscote  Australia  Oceania
Southern Ocean Lodge on the Kangaroo Island
Southern Ocean Lodge from the outside
Southern Ocean Lodge common room with fireplace and breathtaking view on the sea
Southern Ocean Lodge fireplace

You will be dining on the best organic produce from this fertile part of the world, loving those pert greens and hand-reared meats.

Southern Ocean Lodge restaurant

Your room is contemporary and design-led, featuring specially commissioned furnishings.

Southern Ocean Lodge room with view on the sea

The wall-to-ceiling windows run the length of the lodge, whose length resembles a train stopped on top of a cliff.

Southern Ocean Lodge suite
Southern Ocean Lodge room with view on the Kangaroo Island
Southern Ocean Lodge bathroom

The spa is on a cliff-top overlooking the swell and surf of the Atlantic.

Jacuzzi on the private terrace on the Kangaroo Island

The air is so pure you can feel a dissolving of tension just being there, but this being Australia, you do not want to sit around the spa all day.

Private ride in a Mercedes SUV

Bespoke excursion packages include tours and treks where you can experience the culture and nature of the area while your spa and dining experiences are made to match your activities.

Walk on the Kangaroo Island
Fishing on the beach of Kangaroo Island
Giant rock formations on the shore of Kangaroo Island
Rocks in the sea at Kangaroo Island
Sea lion on the Kangaroo Island
Hanson Bay Road, Kingscote SA 5223, Australia