The Canvas Hotel – Shiny Bikes, Steep Hills And Cold LakesThe Canvas  

You are balancing on a mountain bike at the top of a slither of rocky trail running steeply down a mountainside. Everything is focused on your next maneuver. Your behind hovers behind the saddle for balance, feet in firm contact with the pedals, white knuckles on the handlebars, you choose your moment carefully before cycling the pedals forward just enough to inject the downward force of the hill straight into your now spinning wheels. It’s a great feeling.

The Canvas Hotel will provide you with a top of the range mountain bike and trails to suit all standards. In the evenings, your muscles ache but your body has released all tension and it’s time to sit in the sauna before jumping into the lake as is the traditional Scandinavian way. Your room is a ‘Yurt’ which is the traditional lodging of Norway’s native people.

The hotel has pitched the canvass Yurts on raised platforms and specially insulated them around a wood-burning fire. The canvass and carpets create an intimate and embracing space to relax in the evenings. Tomorrow it’s time to try cycling the bare granite of the post-volcanic landscape. God’s own cycle paths.

Type: Nature   Remote   Yurt
Location: Nissedal  Norway  West Europe
The Canvas Hotel yurt
The Canvas Hotel yurt and bikes
The Canvas Hotel yurt interior
Fireplace in the yurt
Sauna in a yurt
Naked in the bathtub in the nature
Cooking fresh crabs
Fresh crabs
The Canvas Hotel dinner in the Norwegian nature
The Canvas Hotel professional bikes
Biking in the nature
Mountain biking on the rocks
Biker girl drinking fresh water
Norway, Nissedal Kommune in Telemark, two kilometres from the nearest road.