The Glasshouse Edinburgh - Historic Meets ContemporaryThe  

This hotel was named the ‘number one hotel to get naked in’ by Opodo. And if you can push the thought of all the hanky-panky your bed has endured from your mind, you may well enjoy your stay at this premier establishment in the heart of historic Edinburgh.

The ‘Glasshouse’ refers to the glass walls of the rooms that back onto two acres of private roof terrace with views of the dramatic Scottish hills. The hotel was built using the façade of the old Lady Glenorchy Church; so-called because Lady Glenorchy renovated it in 1775 as a place for the new evangelical movement to meet. When you walk into the minimalist lobby you realize that this is no converted church but is a fine boutique hotel.

Your room has many little touches, a CD player, magazines, a swiveling Television set, and a bathroom with a heated floor. Suites have private Jacuzzis and saunas. A decanter of fine Single Malt sits in every room so you can spend your evenings getting drunk on the roof terrace or the balcony which overlooks Edinburgh’s famous skyline.

The Glasshouse exterior
Clash of modern and old. The Glasshouse hotel facade
The Glasshouse lobby
The Glasshouse bar
Artificial fire in The Glasshouse hotel
The Glasshouse church window
The Glasshouse room with view on Edinburgh
The Glasshouse room with garden view
The Glasshouse bathroom
The Glasshouse suite
The Glasshouse room with city view
The Glasshouse rooftop sunbathing
The Glasshouse rooftop terrace
The Glasshouse rooftop garden
The Glasshouse terrace
View on Edinburgh
2 Greenside Place Edinburgh EH1 3AA, United Kingdom