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The Ruin - Grewelthorpe
The Ruin  

Far from the tourist crowd

Located near the village of Grewelthorpe which is named by combining the morish dish from Oliver Twist, “Gruel” and “Thorpe” which means outlying farmstead in old English; this pavilion has outstanding views of the classic English countryside and overlooks a gorge brimming with trees. Set in a nineteenth century garden of follies, waterfalls and Gothic structures, the dwelling is cleverly built into a Romanesque ruin, the old arches first conceived by famous 18th-century British architect, Robert Adam. Today it consists of an airy bedroom, sitting-room, bathroom and kitchen and is accessed by an unmade track. The area is great for taking long walks through the dramatic scenery and stopping in traditional pubs for delicious ale and hearty lunch. Then through the woods, past Arthurian grottos and on to Mowbray Castle a dramatic ruin perched on one of the many hills which has recently been restored by the Hackfall Trust and the Woodland Trust.

The Ruin
The Ruin living room
The Ruin kitchen
The Ruin door
The Ruin room
View to the nature
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