Accommodation types: Luxury
Location: Amberg  Germany  West Europe
Eh Hausl - The Smallest Hotel In The WorldEh'häusl  

Fascinating stuff, this hotel. It was built in 1728 and could well be the smallest hotel in the world. The story goes like this: back in ye olden days in Germany, couples who wanted to marry had to own property. So some enterprising local put down his frothy beer and sausage (sorry Germans!) and built a tiny house in a 2.5-meter gap between two buildings. This house was then bought by a couple who owned it until they were married and after they tied the knot, they sold it to the next couple.

Today, “the marriage house” has been renovated by top designers and offers you the chance to take the keys and live in this remarkable property for a brief time. The emphasis is on luxury living and you can see from these pictures that time spent in the spa-bath, watching the antique fireplace, or listening to the music collection is the time when you experience some lovely relaxation.


Photo by Margret Pirzer

Eh Hausl
The world's smallest hotel
Eh Hausl door
Eh Hausl living room
Eh Hausl vintage decoration
Eh Hausl luxurious interior
Eh Hausl fireplace
Eh Hausl stairs leading to the room
Eh Hausl room
Interior of the world's smallest hotel
Eh Hausl bathroom
Eh Hausl vintage wooden chair
Eh Hausl bath tub
Eh Hausl mirror
Eh Hausl bathroom decoration
Seminargasse 8, 92224 Amberg, Germany
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