Tierra Chiloé - Unique Hotel In Patagonia On A Mystical IslandTierra  

On a mystical island with small fishing villages in the middle of the deep blue ocean off Chile’s northern coast is the Tierra Chiloe Hotel. The Chiloe Archipelago is an enchanting place with a picturesque 12 room hotel that offers tailored holiday experiences for its guests. The island is a patchwork of colonial churches, villages of “palafitos” (homes built on stilts above the water), rivers, lakes, beaches, and lush forests.

The hotel offers modernity amidst tradition that has been in place for centuries. Whether you decide to take a dip in the Pacific Ocean or take a trip into the green hills to the east, your stay will be delightful. Tierra Chiloe offers an abundance of activities for guests, with something to suit every lifestyle.

You can venture out on cultural expeditions, nature observations, and treks, horseback riding, or mountain biking if you want to do something on land. If you want to go out to sea, you can go on personal boating trips, fishing expeditions, or just go for a cruise on the archipelago’s channels and fjords on the "Williche," the hotel's personal boat.

Location: Castro  Chile  South America
Tierra Chiloe

Tierra Chiloe on the hill overlooking the sea

Tierra Chiloe wooden exterior

Tierra Chiloe lounge

Tierra Chiloe living room

Tierra Chiloe hotel living room

Tierra Chiloe bedroom with sea views

Tierra Chiloe room


Tierra Chiloe horse riding


Pullao Bay hills

Pullao Bay cliffs

San José beach

Mom with kid watching dolphins swim by

Dolphins in the Pullao Bay

Williche boat and kayaking


Floating village

UNESCO protected church

San Jose Playa, Castro, 5700000 Castro, Chile