Traços d’Outrora - Rustic Stone Houses In The Portuguese CountrysideTraços  

Located in the village of Trebilhadouro, Portugal, this countryside escape offers lovely views and a relaxing atmosphere. Travelers can choose to stay at one of four houses on this hillside, each looking out to beautiful views of the Aveiro River estuary and sights beyond the mountains.

Every house is made of stone and perfectly furnished with calming colors and tones. All four rooms include kitchens (there is no restaurant here), free WiFi, and TVs. Guests will also find sofa beds, living rooms, and dining areas to enjoy. The surrounding outer landscape is rich and green, and the stone houses speckle the area confined in the north by the mountain slopes of the Freita Ridge.

While this is the perfect spot to get away from everything, the area does offer a few points of interest for those looking to explore. Check out the Duarte Pacheco Dam or rock carvings in the parish of Cepelos, in Gatão. Take a trip into the town’s center and find the statue of Saint Anthony, carved by Master João Fragoso. Traços d’Outrora is 20 miles from La Salette Park, Oliveira de Azemeis Church and the Arouca Convent.

Traços d’Outrora stone walls

Traços d’Outrora stone path

Traços d’Outrora stone hut interior

Traços d’Outrora stone hut bedroom

Traços d’Outrora stone hut bathroom

Traços d’Outrora window

Traços d’Outrora wooden hut

Traços d’Outrora wooden hut at night

Traços d’Outrora interior with terrace

Traços d’Outrora balcony

Traços d’Outrora swimming pool with a young couple

Trebilhadouro, Vale de Cambra, Portugal