Urban Cowboy Lodge - Hillbilly Aesthetic Meets HipsterdomUrban Cowboy  

Catskills is Urban Cowboy's third location after the ones in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and Nashville, Tennessee. It's their first effort outside of an urban environment, but their cowboyness shines through every detail, especially the beautiful Native American-inspired wallpapers.

Founders Lyon Porter and Jersey Banks are also behind the quirky Wes Anderson-style Dive Motel.

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Urban Cowboy Lodge Catskills

The property sits on a high hill amongst 68 acres (28 hectares) of pristine mountain land.

Urban Cowboy Lodge Wooden Buildings

Its appeal lies in its remoteness, a romantic escape with your partner or a fun weekend with a bunch of friends driving together from NYC.

After a 2,5 hrs road trip, you end up in an environment with as much greenery as the big city's concrete surface.

A refreshing change from the hustle and bustle where you can clean your lungs and fill up with positive energy before returning to the concrete jungle.

Urban Cowboy Lodge Lounge With Fireplace And Antlers

The lodge's unique hickster style (rural aesthetic with a modern flair) is mesmerizingly refreshing. It's an instant realization of why isn't this design style more common when it looks so amazing!

Urban Cowboy Lodge Bar

The rustic bar, built around trees and decorated with antlers, is stocked with local brews, curated wines (mainly from France and Italy), and handcrafted cocktails.

Urban Cowboy Lodge Alpine Bathing Suite With Den

Alpine Suites

Urban Cowboy Lodge Alpine Penthouse Bathing Suite

The rooms are plastered with cool wall patterns that are the work of artist Clint Van Gemert, and you will find vintage decorations like kerosene lamps and hundred years old wooden sports equipment.

Urban Cowboy Lodge Alpine Copper Bathtub

The focus on quality beverages and the in-room bathtubs/showers make it evident it's a place targeted to fun-loving adults.

Urban Cowboy Lodge Walden Suite

Walden Suites

Urban Cowboy Lodge Walden Suite Bed

Urban Cowboy Lodge Walden Suite Bathroom With Clawfoot Soaker

The clawfoot copper tubs overlooking the lush forests are best enjoyed in two. The lodge delivers cocktails to your room, and there are promos if you order two at once.

Urban Cowboy Lodge Walden Balcony

Urban Cowboy Lodge Walden Sunrise King Terrace With Hot Tub

Urban Cowboy Lodge The Cabin

The Cabin

Urban Cowboy Lodge The Chalet Copper Tub

The Chalet

Urban Cowboy Lodge The Lodge

The Lodge

Urban Cowboy Lodge The Lodge Penthouse Bedroom

Urban Cowboy Lodge Garden

The lodge's mini spa consists of a trailer-looking wooden Estonian sauna and a refreshingly cold river where you can jump to cool down.

Urban Cowboy Lodge River

The sauna works during winter, too, so you can jump straight into a pile of snow!

Catskills Forest

The rural and wild Catskills is one of New Yorkers' favorite getaways. Part of the Appalachian Mountains, Catskill Park is a magical 700,000-acre (2,800 square kilometers) protected forest preserve.

The region is famous for its numerous artists, musicians, stand-up comedians, and writers.

37 Alpine Rd, Big Indian, NY 12410