Vander Urbani Resort - Historic LjubljanaVander  

A winter vacation in Ljubljana at Vander is just what you need about now, but don’t expect the usual luxury and high ceilings feel of a chain hotel. The Urbani Resort is all about old-world charm. Made up of four old townhouses right on the banks of a river, it looks deceptively simple.

The hotel has maintained its charming architectural style of yesteryear. However, once inside, you are in for a treat. There are modern conveniences like armchairs, luxury bathrooms, and LED TVs. The rooms are divided into three categories: the Vander, the Zen, and the River Room. Some of the more interesting features include glass walls from the ceiling to the floor, oak beds, artsy chairs, and in-room massages. The effect of an antique outside and contemporary inside is a creative idea and the hotel’s flair for artistic construction will get you talking.

In addition to a wine cellar, there is also a restaurant on the ground floor. Lastly, enjoy a scenic view from a rooftop terrace with a swimming pool and a yoga studio. This is sightseeing amplified for today’s thrill-seekers. Whether you’re on a family vacation or a romantic getaway, this photo-friendly resort is going to make some special memories.

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Vander Urbani Resort
Vander Urbani Resort design
Vander Urbani Resort stairs
Vander Urbani Resort restaurant
Vander Urbani Resort living room
Vander Urbani Resort room
Vander Urbani Resort bedroom details
Vander Urbani Resort bedroom
Vander Urbani Resort bathroom
Vander Urbani Resort rooftop
Vander Urbani Resort rooftop pool
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Vander Urbani Resort rooftop chairs and champagne
Krojaska Ulica 6–8, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia