Accommodation types: Luxury   Mountain   Spa
Location: Lana  Italy  West Europe
Vigilius Hotel – Elite Hosting In The North Italian AlpsVigilius  

In the grand Dolomites – a mountain range located in the North Italian Alps – there is an award-winning design hotel. Built by architect, Matteo Thun, his idea was to create a luxury eco-hotel that draws inspiration from nature and also blends with its natural surroundings so local woods and glass are used to complements its mountainside habitat.

The hotel is even shaped like a fallen tree and it looks to promote new growth just like a fallen tree would do by having a lawn for a roof. The only way to get there is by cable car and your room is guaranteed to give you amazing views of the sunrise or sunset. There is absolutely loads to do in the mountains from BASE jumping to hiking.

The hotel hosts ‘focus-weeks’ for its guests where you can choose from health, nutrition, movement, and beauty using treatments from its spa and restaurant. The dining is elite there is a specialist wine cellar and you can even dine with the chef ‘at the kitchen table’.

Vigilius from West Dolomites in the background
Vigilius Hotel
Vigilius Hotel side view
Vigilius Hotel wooden facade
Vigilius Hotel piazza and corridor
Vigilius Hotel piazza
Vigilius Hotel living room
Vigilius Hotel piazza with terrace
Vigilius Hotel restaurant
Vigilius Hotel relax room
Vigilius Hotel room
Vigilius Hotel bathroom

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Vigilius Hotel swimming pool
Vigilius pool in spring
Vigilius hotel swimming pool with view on mountain nature

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Vigilius pool
Fireplace at the pool of Vigilius Hotel
Girl in bikini in the pool of Vigilius Hotel
Whirlpool in the Vigilius spa inside - outside
Girl in the outdoor whirpool

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Mountain Spa Whirlpool
Vigilius Hotel sauna
Vigilius paradise garden - sun terrasse
Vigilius paradise garden

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Mountain Spa Paradise Garden
Girl enjoying the sun at Vigilius Hotel terrace
Winter feelings on the paradise garden at Vigilius
View from Vigilius Hotel

Pavicolo 43, 39011 Lana, Italy
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