W Guangzhou - From The FutureW  

This hotel blends stylish modernity with traditional hospitality in one of China’s most dynamic cities. The hotel has some arresting contemporary artworks and original designs. When you enter, the first thing you see is the three-story glowing “waterwall” lit by 5000 LED lights; they’re choreographed to create an evanescent pattern that changes throughout the day – revitalizing in the morning and playful at night.

In the Woobar lounge, there is a nest installation art piece and in the Ultralounge there is a glass loft bar that spans three stories and is suspended outside the walls of the building. Your room is crammed with the latest technologies: high-speed wifi, a TV so thin you can slice an apple with it, surround sound system, MP3 plug and play, motion sensors, and – the best bit – a munchie box, perfect for late-night snacks. The spa - by AWAY Spas - offers a modern fitness center, indoor pool, and glamorous treatments.

Type: Design   Luxury   Skyscraper
Location: Guangzhou  China  East Asia
W Guangzhou skyscraper building

W sign

Luminous WaterWall

Luminous WaterWall

Luminous WaterWall up-close

W Guangzhou living room


Woobar nested area

Yan Yu private room

Fantastic Suite

Spectacular room

26 Xian Cun Road, Pearl River New Town, Tianhe, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China