Wanderlust Hotel - Fun And Crazy Design In SingaporeWanderlust  

These days tourists are looking for a more "authentic" experience. To cater to such types, entrepreneurs are setting up boutique hotels in the grungier and less well-known areas of famous cities.

Take the Wanderlust Hotel, for instance. It's located in a converted schoolhouse in Singapore's Little India district: a hodge-podge of shops, temples, and warehouses far away from the usual tourist haunts.

Despite the adage, it's not all about location because the hotel's interior has each floor designed by a different design firm. When the award-winning designers asked the owner what kind of aesthetic he had in mind, he replied with a wave of the hand, "just make it fun and crazy".

Check these pics to see what they came up with. Personally, I love the wall-mounted typewriter on the third floor. When you stay, you will be assigned a "Guest Experience Ambassador", in other words, a local to recommend the best places to go and enjoy during your stay.

Type: Art   Design

Wanderlust Hotel is housed in a 1920's Art Deco-style building in the Little India district of Singapore.

Wanderlust Hotel facade at night

The hotel's eclectic lobby is just the beginning of the creative design journey it offers.

Wanderlust Hotel lobby

Wanderlust is an experimental boutique hotel with fun and unique themes.

Wanderlust Hotel industrial interior design in the lobby
Wanderlust Hotel bar

Pantone - Red Room

A different designer or design studio designs each floor and room of the hotel.

Wanderlust Hotel Pantone Red room

Pantone - Turqoise Room

Wanderlust Hotel Pantone Turqoise

Mono - Flower Room

Wanderlust Hotel Mono Flower room

Mono - Princess Room

Wanderlust Hotel Mono Princess room

Mono - Origami Room

Wanderlust Hotel Mono Origami room

Whimsical - Spaceship Room

Spaceship room

Whimsical - Ascii Room

Ascii Room

Whimsical - Tree Room

Tree room

There is an outdoor jacuzzi and a quirky poolside chill zone.

Wanderlust Hotel jakuzzi
2 Dickson Road, Singapore