Watamu Treehouse - Nature Getaway With Sunset Yoga ClassesWatamu  

Watamu Treehouse has been named a "Best Hotel in Kenya" and it’s no wonder why! Located on Kenya’s serene Watamu Beach and built high amongst the treetops, this hotel offers guests an unreal view of the Indian Ocean coastline and lush surrounding forests. It’s the perfect getaway for those looking for a peaceful retreat. In fact, the mission of the Watamu Treehouse is “to contribute to the journey of healing and health.”

This treehouse is not your typical wooden structure. Rather, it’s made up of two white stone towers, peppered with colourful panels of recycled glass, made by local artist and conservationist Nani Croze. The North Tower has three double bedrooms and the South Tower has four. Each room has its own bathroom, amazing views and is completely unique. All of the rooms have their own charm. Treehouse also includes a pool that is shared by both towers.

However, the real treat is all of the activities on offer! From the relaxing Lakshmi Spa in Watamu to Treehouse Yoga and Meditation classes, there are plenty of ways to recharge. The rooftop studio, the highest point in Watamu, is an amazing place to enjoy the sunset yoga classes. Treehouse also offers daily nature trips on kayaks and stand-up paddleboards that everyone can enjoy. And for the more adventurous, there’s kitesurfing right in front of Treehouse with Tribe Watersports, the Bio-Ken Snake Farm just a ten-minute drive away, or an outing at the remote and charming Che Shale Lodge.

Type: Beach   Nature
Location: Watamu  Kenya  Africa
Watamu Treehouse exterior with beach view in the background

Watamu Treehouse exterior with stairs

Watamu Treehouse indoor staircase

Watamu Treehouse dining room

Watamu Treehouse colorful mosaic windows

Watamu Treehouse interior

Aqua Room

Watamu Treehouse aqua room

Watamu Treehouse bathroom with nature view

Sunrise Room with 360° panorama

Watamu Treehouse sunrise room with 360 panorama

Watamu Treehouse rooftop bathroom

Watamu Treehouse rooftop chill with beach and nature panorama

Watamu Treehouse yoga room with nature view

Sunset Yoga

Sunset yoga at Watamu Treehouse in Kenya

Watamu Treehouse pools

Watamu Treehouse pool with swing bed

Watamu Treehouse swing bed

Watamu beach-side house

Kayaking in the mangroves of Watami, Kenya aerial photo

SUP Yoga in the mangroves

SUP Yoga in the mangroves

Sunset kayaking

Dolphin at Watamu beach, Kenya

Turtle Bay Road, Watamu, Kenya