Xinalani Retreat - Beachside Yoga Retreat In MexicoXinalani  

It is in the union of body, mind, and breath that you will find true balance

As an Englishman looking out on the continuous grey rain of his country, the thought of a yoga retreat in sunny Mexico with spare hours spent on the beach next to the humming jungle is enough to make me wonder if I am living in the right place.

The retreat is organically built and maintains a strict eco-policy and it has a development policy for local people to sponsor their education. Their aim is to achieve a balance of body, mind, and breath (or soul if you want to get all Cartesian about it) for their guests and everyone involved in the hotel. As well as yoga they specialize in water sports.

The area is popular with surfers and the retreat runs a ‘yoga and surf’ program. Interestingly, they run a traditional Temazcal ceremony with a local shaman who will take you through the ancient purification ritual in a sweat-lodge. The rooms and suites are naturally gorgeous with incredible views and elegant furnishings.

Xinalani Retreat property from the air
Xinalani Retreat property
Xinalani Retreat dining terrace
Xinalani Retreat stairs
Xinalani Retreat sunset
Xinalani Retreat room with panoramic views
Xinalani Retreat bathroom
Xinalani Retreat open bungalow
Xinalani Retreat sunchair
Xinalani Retreat hammock with view on the sea
Xinalani Retreat yoga studio
Young girl doing yoga at an open studio
Xinalani Retreat yoga class
Xinalani Retreat beach deck
Xinalani Retreat beach chairs
Extreme yoga on the beach
Xinalani Retreat kayaking

El Volador beach

El Volador beach

Xinalani Beach

Xinalani Beach
Pelican on the beach
Dolphin at the Xinalani beach

Humpback whale

Humpback whale
Xinalani beach night views
Playa el Volador, Quimixto, 48399 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico